How We Do It

How We Do ItTo fulfil its comprehensive human rights mandate, World Human Rights Department speaks out objectively in the face of human rights violations worldwide. It provides a forum for identifying, highlighting and developing responses to today’s human rights challenges, and acts as the principal focal point of human rights research, education, public information, and human rights advocacy activities in the United Nations system.

World Human Rights Department’s method of work focuses on three major dimensions: standard-setting, monitoring, and implementation on the ground. We do so by offering the best expertise, and substantive and secretariat support to the different United Nations human rights bodies as they discharge their standard-setting and monitoring duties. We try do ensure these international human rights standards are implemented on the ground through greater country engagement and our field presences.

With our leading human rights role and the important task of mainstreaming human rights into the United Nations system, we work with Governments, civil society, national human rights institutions, other United Nations entities, international organizations, private sector and others in their efforts to promote and protect human rights.

We are funded from the World Safeguard and Media Limited regular budget and from voluntary contributions from Sponsors, Members, intergovernmental organizations, foundations and individuals.

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