Our Goal

Our Goal» To protect, implement and promote human rights, business rights, information rights, labour rights, rights of asylum seekers & migrants, consumer rights and any or all other Rights & Rights related matters throughout the country and abroad.

» To inquire or investigate, report and/or bring offenders to justice, to engage in legal service, legal aid & legal affairs, proceedings of mediation & arbitration, advocacy, supporting & lobbying, to prevent discrimination & intolerance, to defend people, to strengthen the human rights and other rights movement, and to uphold political freedom, participatory democracy & good governance around the world.

» To promote & educate equality, as well as equity, international integration, brotherhood, non-violence, security, love, peace, justice, human rights & other rights enforcement for all. To work as Law Enforcement Agency under Country Constitution, National Law, International Law, International Conventions, etc. To fight against impunity.

» To visit any jail or correctional centers, custody and such other places and to make recommendation to the authority thereon for the development of those places and conditions.

» To develop human rights with various rights through awareness building, documentation, fact finding, monitoring, research, exchange of information and other activities.

» To work for the prevention of torture and enforced disappearances and to foster mass awareness on rights and duties.

» To collect and publish reports on many different topics as may determined by the World Human Rights Department from time to time and to compile an annual World Report presenting an overview of the worldwide state of human rights.

» To search true, to establish justice, and to become a voice of justice. To attain the World Human Rights Department’s objectives it may give any notice, etc., to any person in any time. To co-operate with government agencies, civil society organizations, UN human rights bodies and national & international human rights institutions.

» To mobilize and network between the activities of the World Human Rights Department’s persons and to enhance institutional capabilities of individual groups, organizations and agencies on human rights with various rights issues.

» To do monitoring of local government, national & other elections for ensuring free and fair electoral process to ensure voter’s right to participate.

» To open and establish at any place such branch, agency office, local office and all other offices of the World Human Rights Department or for the management of any or all business as may determined by the World Human Rights Department from time to time.

» To do such functions, contracts, transactions, publications, travel and any or all other things as are conducive or incidental to the promotion or advancement of the World Human Rights Department and business thereof and to the attainment of the above objects.

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