Facility of Members

All powers in the World Human Rights Department belong to the its members, and their exercise on behalf of the members shall be effected only under, and by the authority of, this Department.

Every enlisted member will be provided with a smart ID Card. In whole of the world, every member will be known as Human Rights Defender or Human Rights Safeguard. It’s a great opportunity for the members to be able to implement their human rights and to serve human beings with the world’s best human rights organization.

The members of the Department will be given proper training on disaster management both national and international case of any natural calamities like earth quake, tornado, cyclone, tsunami, flood and storm etc.

It will arrange Training program on education modern technology, computer, business to make its members well equipped and display vocal films on health, human rights, democracy, for fare election and vocal against corruption to different remote places to create mass arrangement.

Special rewards will be given to the member for his/her outstanding contributing to the Department. Each member of the Department shall be entitled to one vote. Any members of the Department whose subscription dues are is areas shall be entitled to vote.

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Duties and Responsibilities of Members
Membership Fee